Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ's


Q.: As a merchant what ATM options are available to me?


A.: As a merchant there are three options.

Option one (1) - Full Turn Key Operation whereby an ATM company provides a complete service back to the merchant including vaulting the ATM with cash and in most cases the ATM company will pay the merchant a commission on a monthly basis based on the numbers of ATM cash withdrawals during a one month cycle.

Option two (2) - the merchant can choose to purchase their own machine.

Option three (3) - the merchant can apply for a Lease from an ATM Leasing company.

Q.: Under a Full Turnkey services option.  What would the commission structure be back to me the business owner?


A.: The commission structure can vary based on the business type you are in and the amount of the surcharge being assessed to the end customer. Locations such as night clubs may carry a higher commission structure due to the fact that these types of locations carry a much higher surcharge amount. Other factors that may come into play are hours of operations and how many days the merchant is open for business.

Q.: What if I just want to provide a convenience for my customers and do not want to get involved with maintaining an ATM.  What option should I consider?


A.: Under these circumstances the merchant should consider a FULL TURNKEY PROGRAM.  This allows the merchant to provide a convenience to their customers but not bare all the work and responsibility of maintaining an ATM.

Q.: Under the lease program or purchase program, can I the merchant pay for an extended warranty service program to have an ATM serviced beyond the manufactures warranty?


A.: Yes, an extended warrant service package is offered on all ATM's

Q.: Are there any application fees for obtaining an ATM?


A.: No, ATM-National does not charge for any form of application fees to obtain an ATM.  However, if you are planning to lease an ATM, the leasing company may assess an application fee. This fee is passed on to the merchant at the time of applying for a lease.

Q.: What government regulations should I be concerned with?


A.: Recent events in the U.S. have focused attention on financial institutions and any possible illegal money laundering activities or financial transactions that foster illegal financial assistance to countries abroad.  ATM-National follows general guidelines in "Know thy Customer"  and guidelines issued by the U.S. government in under the "U.S. Patriot ACT H.R. 3162".